Silent Journey


What if you were to go on a journey, not to the centre of the earth, but to the deepest part of your soul?  What would you find there? What would you see along the way?

Before you read any further, get a pen and paper, or the digital version, if you’re so inclined.  I want us to do this together. We’re taking a journey to soul. Your soul.  So, you need to find a quiet spot or a quiet space within.  I’ve learnt that I can find silence wherever I am, on a bus or in a park. Are you ready?

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Understanding Your Inner Voice


There's something churning around inside of you. You feel it sometimes as a knot in your stomach or a burning in your chest. Your head is so full of thoughts and ideas, they become foggy. And you become foggy. And paralysed. What is that about? What are you running from, hiding from or refusing to see?  Who else but you can answer these questions?

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Humanity and Personal Freedom


We will be truly free only when we are able to step out of our cultural, racial, tribal and religious cages and embrace the oneness of the humanity of the world. - Theodore Ferguson

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Purpose and Personal Freedom


Personal freedom must be nurtured and protected if you are to reap the benefits and to experience the life of fulfilment and happiness that we are all seeking.  

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