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Our books are key in raising awareness of the Philosophy, as well as a means of raising funds to assist in our outreach programmes to schools and communities. The books can be purchased at our offices in Tunapuna,Trinidad, on and Sangster's Book Stores in Jamaica.

Contact us if you would like to retail our books and participate in our mission of creating a humanity conscious of its innate goodness.


My Search for Understanding: A 3-book compilation of introspective essays arising from the author’s search for truth and personal freedom over an eleven-year period. These introspective writings bring greater understanding and help to elucidate the philosophy of Leading From Above The Line.

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The Philosophy of Leading from Above the Line: A Principle-grounded Approach to Personal Development, Organisational Transformation and Societal Development.




The Power of Purpose Revealed seeks to answer the question “How will I know when I have discovered my purpose?”




  The Seven Leading Positives  We have the capacity, as human beings, to develop highly spiritual minds, however, we live in environments that continually seek to influence us towards the display of our more primitive minds. Although we all have an innate desire to live lives of integrity and moral courage, we often fall short.



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Thinking Aloud In this book the author shares his insights into and understanding of various aspects of human development and of leadership in the context of our varied social and working environments. It is hoped that the thoughts presented in this book will help readers to get a deeper understanding of their own humanity and of the humanity of others.




A Letter From India Human beings share common values, which give us the capacity to unite and live in greater peace and harmony than we now do. The divisiveness and suffering that pervade humanity are a reflection of our high degree of ignorance of who we are as human beings, and our capacity to unite around our commonality.




The Transformation and Facilitation Process The Leading From Above The Line process is simple but transformational, but only in so far as it is triggered through self-discovery.


















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