Our Founder, Dr Theodore Ferguson is a leadership educator by choice, a scientist by training and a former university lecturer and rural and agricultural development consultant by experience.  He has worked in and travelled to over 70 countries worldwide during which time he has taken the opportunity to study humanity and leadership issues across many cultures. On his journey and over many teachings, he learnt that one needs so become more conscious of the destructive power and influence of the ego, which has a way of emerging and blinding us to our true intentions.

His research on leadership started in 1998 and took him to South Africa and throughout the Caribbean. During his time in South Africa, he conceptualised and developed the programme, Leading From Above The Line.  The programme and his many published works, speak to our innate human goodness and to man's desire to live a moral life in a world that seeks to normalise immorality.  The message of Leading From Above The Line recognises the tremendous development potential of human beings and of our capacity to realise this potential through the harnessing of the Five Sources of Inner Power: principle consciousness, awareness of purpose, emotional mastery, understanding change and knowledge empowerment.

All proceeds of the sale Dr Ferguson's books go to supporting the work of our NGO, Leading From Above The Line TT.