Associate Membership  

Available to all persons whose interests, activities and/or background are consistent with the mission of Leading From Above The Line TT, i.e. persons who desire to work towards creating a harmonious society.

The Application Process:

    1. Complete the online application (credit card required). (Click on "Apply Now-Associate Membership" button below, to access the online application form.)
    2. Note interest, activities and/or background that are consistent with our Mission.

There is a 24 hour approval process once the completed application and membership fees are received. If you are not admitted as a LFATLTT member, your membership fee is non-refundable.

Associate Members do not have voting privileges and are not eligible to serve as officers on the Board, however, they enjoy many of the benefits of Affiliate Members and the application process is simpler.

Benefits of being an Associate Member are:

  • Opportunities to co-host events
  • Discounts on publications and retreats
  • Access to members only login for personal development tools and resources

There are two categories of Associate Members:

  • Youth: persons between the ages of 15 and 24 - Annual Membership Fee is US$10
  • Individuals: persons over the age of 24 - Annual Membership Fee is US$20



Affiliate Membership 

Available to individuals over the age of eighteen and organisations i.e. nongovernmental organisations, for profit companies and governmental agencies and state enterprises, whose interests and activities are consistent with the mission of Leading From Above The Line TT.  These individuals and organisations must be able to demonstrate an active involvement in building a better society, either personally or through their CSR engagements

The Application Process:

An organization applying for Affiliate Membership must be incorporated or registered for a minimum of two years prior to submitting the application. All applications for Affiliate Membership are subject to approval by the Board of Directors.

    1. Complete the online application (Click on the appropriate "Apply Now" button below, to access the online application form)
    2. Provide the certificate of incorporation/registration for your organization
    3. Note current activities that are consistent with our Mission

Duration of the approval process is one week from date of receipt of the application with the supporting documents. Upon approval, an invoice will be sent and membership begins upon receipt of payment.


  • Individuals (over the age of 18) - Annual membership Fee US$75
  • Organisations - Annual Membership Fee US$295

Benefits of being an Affiliate Member are:

  • Voting privileges at the Annual General Meeting and eligiblity to serve as officers on the Board
  • Opportunities to partner on events
  • Discounts on publications
  • Discounts on corporate retreats
  • Discounts on retreats for individual staff members
  • Access to members only login for personal development tools and resources for staff members
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