Leading From Above The Line is a Principle-Grounded Approach to Personal Development that was developed by Dr. Theodore U Ferguson specifically, to address the leadership challenges in rapidly transforming societies. Its aim  is to build more responsible behaviour in the private and public lives of participants.

Anchored in the belief that all human beings have the potential to be creative and to achieve way beyond their usual day-to-day performance levels, Leading From Above The Line transforms the lives of participants towards the release of their full potential for the good of themselves, their families, their organizations, their countries and for humanity in general.

The philosophy recognises that there is a sharp dividing line between what is morally acceptable and what is unacceptable and by taking participants on a journey of self-discovery to find their true inner power, we can develop leaders of high ethical values, who live and lead from above the moral line.

The retreat is delivered over nine days and covers:

  • Understanding Leadership
  • Understanding Universal Humanity
  • Mastering Emotions
  • Understanding Change
  • Knowledge Empowerment
  • Practices for Leading From Above The Line
  • Achieving and Sustaining Success


Leadership Strengthening Retreat       

These three monthly retreats are held after the Self-Discovery Retreats. They build on and sustain changes in individual and group behaviour.

The following are themes for the Leadership Strengthening Retreats:

  • The Visionary and Creative Components of Leadership
  • The Competence Component of Leadership
  • The Emotional Component of LEadership
  • The Moral Component of Leadership
  • The Purpose-Driven Component of LEadership
  • The Caring Component of Leadership
  • The Introspection and Transformation Process  

Leadership Awareness Retreat

These help participants become more aware of how to release their full leadership and creative potential. Participants gain a greater awareness of themselves, their human potential and the potential of others, knowledge of the nature of humanity and how to lead in a principle-grounded and nourishing manner.

Public Introspective Retreats               

These one-day events allow individuals to periodcally retreat from the busy-ness of their lives to better reflect on their true intentions and determine the corrective actions they need to make to improve their lives.  Introspective Retreats are open to all members of the public. In Trinidad and Tobago, in partnership with the Arthur Lok Jack Graduate School of Business, we have been able to host over 60 of these retreats at no cost to the public.

Some topics we cover are:

  • Universal Humanity: exploring the concepts of human commonality, human diversity, human goodness and human interconnectedness
  • The Power of Truth: we explore the powerof truth to liberate and bring out the authentic self - "Truth always brings us closer to our spiritual selves and the attainment of inner peace.  Without truth in our lives, we are morally adrift and we are more likely to be insecure and egotistic, to be selfish and greedy, to be deceitful, to cheat, to steal, to be corrupt and to display antisocial behaviour." Dr. Theodore Ferguson
  • Mastering Emotions: explores the concepts of human happiness and choice.  We introduce participants to the power of the emotions and the need for mastery through the development of the Seven Leading Positives: Love, Forgiveness, Humility, Confidence, Contentment, Hope and Generosity
  • Embracing Change: we introduce participants to the inevitability of change and to ways of anticipating and handling change in their private lives, their organisations and societies.


Youth Alive

A two-week residential programme followed by three monthly Leadership Strengthening Retreats.  These awaken youth to their human potential and the positive contribution they can make to the development of society.  The programme builds their inner strength to discover and sustain fulfilment of their life's purpose.


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